Healing Diet & Nutrition


At Healing Temple, we motivate patients for proper diet with right nutrition. This accelerates the healing process. After thorough understanding of the root cause of the disorders of the patient we guide them to use right combination of foods in proper quantity and at proper time of the day so that it boost immunity and help accelerate the medicines being used for treatment. Dr. Arhat Chhabra, our diet counsellors, and wellness advisors offer counselling and diet plans for personal health, weight management, healthy growth for children and reversal of life style disorders like Diabetes, thyroid, PCOD/PCOS, Fatty Liver, Kidney stone, immunity building among others. Our patients are given details of therapeutic food items to support speedy recovery when taken under medical guidance.


Are you self-prescribing home-remedies circulated advertised on social media? WAKE-UP and BEWARE

It is well known medical fact that self-prescription of medicines causes long drawn adverse effects. But people are not aware that indiscriminate use of so called Home remedies circulated in media (supported by advertisement material to push their products) and some easily available food items like Aloe Vera juice, Green tea, and Green coffee, Nuts, Honey, Tulsi, Turmeric, and Neem, many kind of supplements, energy drinks and food substitutes to kill hunger which are advertised in multiple mixtures as miracle food (all and any of these) may also cause adverse effects. Unless the quality and quantity and manner of consumption of ‘health foods’ is regularly monitored by a doctor they may cause disorders or may complicate existing ailments.

Did you know you are not overweight because of over eating but because of a medical condition that no one has diagnosed or treated

We do not believe in depriving anybody with good tasty food. Starvation is no panacea for either weight loss or for any other ailment. We selectively and carefully inculcate HEALTHY food habits which lead to remove toxicity and chemical imbalances in the body and lead to robust health. Our basic approach for providing Diet and nutrition guidance is holistic. Sessions with our dieticians help you understand guidelines on what food items to avoid during certain health conditions, how to avoid obesity and how to eat out selectively and sensibly. The diet plans and nutrition monitoring provided by us helps in weight loss, weight gain, child growth, immunity, therapeutic diet for hormonal imbalances, chronic ailments and lifestyle disorders like Diabetes, Insulin Resistance,Pancreatitis,Thyroid,Hypertension,Arthritis,PCOD,Piles,IBS,Ulcerative colitis, fatty Liver, Gluten intolerance, Heart and kidney disorders, kidney stone, skin and hair disorders.


Is your diet plan customized to your age and medical condition?

Food and nutritional requirements of every member in a family is different but unfortunately everybody tends to eat same food and most of the time in same quantity irrespective of age and physical requirement of the body. For example if Kadhi chawal, and dahi parantha is served in breakfast in a family then everybody from school going kids to grandparents, teenagers to housewife are eating the same stuff resulting in indigestion to grandparents, weight gain for housewife and indigestion to children .It is here that role of a doctor together with Dietician and a yoga & meditational counsellor is necessary. We at Healing Temple provide plans with right combinations of food which is as per your taste and health target.


  • Dr. Arhat analyses your diagnosed and un-diagnosed medical conditions and helps you understand what is your ideal health and weight target.
  • Dr. Arhat instructs detailed guidelines on preventive food articles and prescribes curative food items, and our dieticians ensure that each day proper nourishment is provided to the body confirming to RDA and simultaneously food tastes and cravings are kept satiated.
  • Every patient is closely monitored, minimum once a week.
  • Motivational level is closely watched and individual need of yoga and meditation techniques are assessed and delivered.
  • You achieve your health+ weight target and our results are your testimonials and word of mouth.