Healing Yoga

Do you know which yoga asanas are suitable and which are forbidden for you?

Yoga has a very supportive role in recovery from illness and maintenance of good health. However, often generic yogic asanas are advertised on television and social media irrespective of age and medical condition of target patient. Most of such sessions are taken by medically untrained teachers. Similarly,yoga sessions learnt from TV or CD’s are not medically useful as they are not personally monitored by a trained teacher.


Our yoga sessions are customized for your medical condition to speed your recovery
  • Pranayam and asanas are customized for each and every person keeping in view his/her medical condition, age, gender, weight. height, life style and time available in daily life so that after our training he/she can continue with the practice at home or work place.
  • Our Yoga sessions are uniquely different as they are imparted after review and assessment of medical status of the participants. Each and every patient is informed about cautions and contraindications for him/her as each case is distinct.
  • Yoga sessions are held at our clinic under personal guidance of yoga trainers. These yoga sessions are absolutely different from what any person may learn about generic yoga public places like Parks, schools, temples or social media.
  • At each stage of session the trainer personally monitors each step and every moment of the patient’s body.The protocol of each session is approved by the doctor and reset every week after monitoring progress.
  • Healing Yoga sessions at our clinics are complimented by acupressure, sujok, reflexology, meditation, Mudra, breathing exercises, color and seed therapy as appropriate, to further enhance healing energy.


Presently Healing yoga sessions are being given for weight loss, immunity building, Diabetes, thyroid,  PCOD, Piles, constipation, Arthritis, Hormonal imbalance, BP. Paralysis, Cerbral Palsy, Back Pain, sciatica, Spondylitis ,Sleep disorders, breathing disorders and general well being.