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The fundamental approach of Dr. Arhat Healing System is to restore Natural Health as soon as possible. This possibility is achieved at an accelerated pace by integration of Homoeopathic medicines with Therapeutic Diet with natural sources of nourishment coupled with Yogic wisdom and Healing Meditation therapies. In this multipronged approach the entire emphasis is to wean away the patients from dependence of all types of drugs, be it Allopathic, Ayuervedic or even Homoeopathic.
Life Style diseases require Life style solution.


Life style disorders like Diabetes,Thyroid,Asthama,Hormonal imbalance,Obesity,Fatty Liver, Kidney and Heart ailments, Digestive disorders like Acidity, piles etc. etc are manageable and REVERSIBLE by bringing about Life Style changes. Dr. Arhat has developed a system which synchronizes Homoeopathic Medicines with dietary changes, yoga and exercises along with appropriate meditation techniques.
Life style solution implies- to offer food and dietary alternatives according to taste,age, family and occupational conditioning yet reducing need of supplementary intake of pills and drugs which are chemical disaster causing toxicity in the body.


Life style solution of Dr. Arhat also provides guidance on Yoga, pranayama, acupressure, Sujok and whole lot of exercises that can be easily integrated to living conditions of each individual.

Life style Solution by Dr. Arhat has another essential part i.e. Meditation. Those who know have revealed that-Healing capacity of Meditation is much more than any medicine.

For every patient there is one and only one concern (during getting medical treatment for any disorder and after regaining health spending lots of money, time and energy ) is how to STAY HEALTY. To achieve this objective there is only one solution and that is making meditation an integral part of daily life.

Dr. Arhat Healing system implements it in letter and spirit.


Work pressure and other tensions of daily life situations mount pressure of performance in all the fields of life. Then there is hectic modern lifestyle causing continuous stress which manifests in mood swings, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, and lack of concentration. It can lead to changes in behaviour pattern and several health disorders like indigestion or lack of appetite, headache, skin allergies, high or low blood pressure, nervousness, tendency to forget, poor judgment, excessive sweating, addiction etc. These are few symptoms of stress in life. If such health disorders are not taken care of immediately, they can lead to acute as well as chronic diseases like thyroid, obesity, urticaria, polycystic ovaries etc. At Healing Temple we provide best Homoeopathic Treatment coupled with nutritional, Yoga and meditational counselling to ensure fast and permanent cure for stress generated disorders.

Multi-pronged Treatment at affordable price

Homeopathy has gained immense popularity due to its high therapeutic effectiveness. The healing period can be substantially reduced and further accelerated with a comprehensive treatment which we call MULTI PRONGED Approach of treatment. In addition to highly effective Homeopathic remedies our patients receive consultation and remedies for ideal Diet, yoga and Meditation. All these therapeutic modalities hasten the healing process. The patient also avoids hassle of running to different specialists.

At Healing Temple, our prime endeavor is rendering affordable and accurate treatment.

Patients from Abroad

We are treating patients outside India as well as out side the state of Delhi via following methods:

1. Patients are enrolled by Email or on whatsapp or messages.
2. Payments are received as per plan required.
3. Information about their medical history and test reports is gathered on email.
4. Meeting with Doctor is held over Skype or phone at fixed time.
5. Meeting with Dietician is held on skype or phone.
6. Medicine and diet sheet with guidance is sent by courier.

The guidance on yoga and meditation is also provided as per instructions of Dr. Arhat.If the patient comes to Delhi he/she is welcome to have a meeting with the Doctor /dietician/yoga trainer/Meditation facilitator.

  • Our Address and Timings for treatment.
  • Currently we have two clinics in Delhi at Pitampura and Rohini.
  • Both clinics have very good connectivity through Metro Rail and Buses.

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